We are very sorry to announce that we have had to cancel this online conference.

Although it was originally set up as a solution to the problems of coronavirus, ITAA / EATA / FTAA / UKATA / IARTA have changed their minds and have withdrawn their support for it.

This has meant that presenters who had previously agreed to present online have been withdrawing their agreement. This put us in an impossible position – we had no way of knowing for sure what we could schedule on the programme.

Because those 5 associations also cancelled the on-site conference, and rejected an offer by the hotel to postpone it until 2023, the limited company set up under UK law to handle financial transactions and business contracts has had to be closed down. That process of liquidation is now in the hands of specialist insolvency practitioners and may take some time.  Click here to read the Statement that has just been issued to Creditors to explain how the company came to be put into liquidation.

When it is over, we will offer a new online conference on a later date. If you would like us to send you information about that in the future, please email us on [email protected]

You can also do that if you would like to offer to be a presenter, an interpreter, or a volunteer to help with the organising.

Best wishes
Julie Hay   Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst (Counselling, Organisational, Psychotherapy, Educational)